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  • Adjustable Hook & Loop Strap
  • Excellent Air Circulation
  • Comfortable Foam Band
  • Light & Durable
  • It comes with one 10 Mil. PVC regular shield 
  • Easy to Assemble

After receiving many inquiries we are proud to offer these high-performance Protective Face Shields. Personal protective equipment for all employees is crucial to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Each order comes with

  • one regular shied 
  • one foam band 
  • one adjustable hook and loop 
  • (option to order extra plastic shield refill - it will only have the plastic part so you can reuse the band and foram) 

*Face shields form an effective physical barrier against liquids and airborne droplets. Not to be used as a barrier against open flames, sparks

Maintenance of Protective Face Shields

  • Each protective shield is intended for 7 days of usage
  • After each usage clean both sides of the shield surface with soap and water or use a paper towel to apply sanitizer
  • Store shield in sealable plastic bag such as Ziploc between usages

What is our professional-grade? 
- its crystal clear and a better grade - for those jobs that you need to see 100% crystal clear 

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