(picture above is the 48" wide roll-up / retractable sneeze guard) 


Clear Retractable & Portable Sneeze Guard

Our clear retractable / roll-up sneeze guards are easy to use and to set up. This roll-up sneeze guard barrier combines safety and versatility.  

This collapsible barrier creates a large protective surface shielding from sneezing, coughing, or droplets which makes everyone feel safer. Efficient yet effective protection measure.

  • Clear screens protect customers and employees
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Clear Mylar sheet 
  • Carrying bag 
  • No tools needed sets up in 30 seconds 
  • Retractable can be re-used in the future as a banner for advertising

Easy to clean/ disinfect using soap and water or any alcohol-based cleaning products. 

PERSONAL TRAINERS or HAIR SALONS have loved this roll-up sneeze guard product.  


This Roll-up / Retractable Barrier is Great for:


  • Cashier/payment stations
  • Banks
  • Checkout counters
  • Coffee shops
  • Concession stands
  • Doctor's office
  • Fast-food establishments
  • Flower shops
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitality desks
  • Hotels
  • Information desks
  • Mall booths
  • Retail stores
  • Reception desks
  • Schools

Please note - the retractable sneeze guard barrier in the images is 48". The 33.5" and 24" retractable barriers do not have the same base as the 48". Also the 24" and 33.5" have a pole in the center and do not have adjustable height.

*Please place your order carefully. We do not accept exchanges or returns.*


The Best Portable Roll-up Sneeze Guard on The Market

Our roll-up sneeze guards are portable and are used as shields to help protect employees that may come into contact with possible contamination. A pop-up sneeze guard is easily movable from location to location while still having the ability to protect you and your customers.

Due to the recent health crisis many businesses have chosen to implement sneeze guards / safety barriers into their daily practice. Sneeze guards are used to safeguard person to person interaction across a variety of industries. These protective guards are commonly seen in banks, hospitals and other institutions where separation is required from the public.




How easy is it to assemble this retractable sneeze guard?

Assembly requires no tools and can be done in a matter of seconds. When you are finished with your sneeze guard simply roll it back up and you are ready to go. 
Our portable sneeze guards are user friendly! We designed our protective guards to enhance the lives of Canadians while not taking up any more of your time.


What sizes are available for this Retractable Sneeze Guard Barrier?

Our roll-up retractable sneeze guards are available in:

  • 33.5”w x 79”h
  • 48”w x 79” h
  • 23”w x 79”h

Different businesses may have less room to work with but still have the need for a protective barrier. With this in mind we designed our retractable barriers to have different widths to fit into the smaller spaces. We have three convenient sizes to suit all our customers' unique needs.


What material is the clear screen made of?

Our Portable Sneeze Guard Barriers are made out of Mylar. Mylar is a durable transparent material that is used in a variety of industries. Mylar is known for being extremely strong which means you never have to worry about any rips or snags during transport. Mylar is also recognized for its effective barrier properties. 


Does the screen of this roll-up sneeze guard barrier allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing?

Yes! Simply use soap and water to clean your new guard or an alcohol based cleaning product.  It is important to keep your roll-up barrier sanitized not only for health reasons, but for it to stay looking clean and clear. The purpose of the portable sneeze guard is to catch germs and bacteria from sneezing, coughing, and any other droplets. We recommend thorough sanitization after each use. 


Can this roll-up sneeze guard be easily moved around the office or room?

Yes! Our portable sneeze guards are designed for you to pick up and set up in a matter of seconds. Fold it, lift it up, and your portable sneeze guard can move wherever you need it to be!

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