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Surprise your friends and family with an oversized Big Head cutout!

Simply upload a photo/selfie of yourself, best friend, family member, pet, actor or athlete and we’ll do the rest.

Our life-like Big Heads are printed on light-weight Foam Board so they are very durable. We print in the highest resolution possible so your Big Head image is always crisp and photo-realistic.

Our Big Heads are great fun for all types of events or occasions including parties, weddings, graduations, family gatherings, sporting events or office get-togethers.

Put the fun back into your next event!

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How much fun can you have with a big head cut-out from Mr. Signs? As much as you want and more than you can imagine. Birthday parties, office parties, sporting events, and practical jokes are just a few of the many fun occasions made even more so with a face on a stick.
Whether your face cutout on a stick is a friend, celebrity, politician, or even yourself, all face cut-outs from Mr. Signs are lightweight, durable, and professionally printed at the highest resolution creating a strikingly realistic image. No matter the event, your custom big head cut-out is virtually guaranteed to be a hit.

How Big Is Big?

Big face cut-outs from Mr. Signs can range in size from 12 inches all the way to 48 inches tall. While smaller sizes are the most popular, larger and giant head cut-outs can create a stunning display. Your intended usage and the number of participants will help you determine the ideal size photo head cut-out for your event.

The Best Materials

All of Mr. Signs’ custom big head cut-outs are printed on high-quality 3/16 inch thick Foamcore. This lightweight and durable material possesses an ideal printing surface that makes your image pop.

Have Fun with Your Big Head

You have probably seen fans at sporting events waving face cutouts on a stick of their favorite players. But, custom photo head cut-outs can be found virtually anywhere. Political campaigns and events see large numbers of supporters excitedly waving the face of their favorite candidate. But, there are many more popular uses for these unique displays; welcome home events, pep rallies, advocacy events, graduations, and anything else you might think of.

Take Your Best Shot

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking the photo for your big head cut-out. Foremost is the need to use a high-resolution camera. Many smartphone cameras are suitable for your purpose.
An equally critical consideration is lighting. Always take your picture with the sun to your back. This will minimize or eliminate shadows and glare, which can make your photo distorted and unattractive.
Take more than one picture; the more images you have to choose from, the more likely you will have that perfect image you seek.


Big Head FAQ


What are the materials used to make Mr. Signs cut-outs?

Mr. Signs employees 3/16 inch Foamcore board for its lightweight, durability, and high-quality printing surface.

Can I use any photo for my cut-out?

Any high-resolution photo is suitable for your project. But, we are talking about big head cut-outs, so make sure your picture puts the best face forward.

Can my cut-out be of a famous person?

Absolutely, famous people in the public eye are accustomed to their faces appearing in numerous places. In fact, celebrities and public figures are often the subjects of Mr. Signs’ face cutouts on a stick.

Can my cut-out be printed on both sides?

Although, your Big head cut-out from Mr. Signs could be printed on both sides, the cut line will only match one side. For that reason, photo head cut-out from Mr. Signs are only printed on one side.

Is my big head cut-out weatherproof?

Your giant head cut-out is suitable for indoor and limited outdoor usage in fairweather. The Foamcore material is not weatherproof or waterproof.

How quickly can my cut-out be made?

You can choose from Economy at 3-4 business day delivery, Express 2-day, or pay an additional fee for Rush Next Business Day service for your big head cut-out from Mr. Signs.

Can I get my cut-out without a stick?

Mr. Signs’ big face cut-outs come without a stick by default. You may add a stick, or a metal H stand like our yard signs. This metal stand is a popular option for graduation and birthday giant head cut-outs.

What photos are best for big head cut-outs?

We have already noted that high-resolution photos are best. The ideal image will be a full-face portrait style, not a profile shot.

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