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An economical way to showcase your wall graphic without a frame. Foamcore prints add and extra layer of dimension to your standard paper poster.

  • Vibrant, full colour digital direct printing on single sided 3/16" foamcore 
  • Super smooth, flat surface
  • Light and easy to hang
  • A popular low-cost option
  • Choose your substrate between our popular 3/16 foramcore or upgrade to 1/2" foam board
  • Max size 4' X 8' 


Next day and rush orders are subject to approval and may not be available for all jobs.



Foam board signs are everywhere. This lightweight material is incredibly versatile and ideally suited for high-resolution printing.
Unlike most poster material, foam-core is rigid and remains flat. The sturdy core allows for hanging or propping up your sign without damage or distortion. The surface is ideal for printing high-resolution images, and foam-core can easily be cut to virtually any size or shape.
These properties make it ideal for indoor signage. Plus, it can be laminated, framed, or grommeted depending on your intended use.

What is foam board?

Foam board, or foamcore, is a printing and display material created with a core of polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of paper. It consists of 95 to 98% air, making it remarkably light while remaining rigid. 

Foam Board Sign Sizes

Mr. Signs can make foamcore signs and posters any size from 8.5” x 11” to 48” x 96”, including custom sizes and shapes. The purpose and location of your sign should determine its size.

How to Display Your Foam Board

How you display your sign or poster is up to you. Use an easel for display, frame it like a piece of art, hang it on a wall or from the ceiling, prop it against a display case to greet customers as they come into your business.

Typical Foam Board Sign Uses

Foamcore signs are used in businesses, churches, civic organizations, schools, and anywhere you want to make your message heard. Companies and other organizations often use these signs for presentations, tradeshows, and special events.
Here are a few examples:

  • Lobby Signs
  • Menu Boards
  • Event Information
  • Branding
  • Aisle Markers

Design Tips

It is crucial to understand the distance from which your sign will be viewed when considering your design. The size of type and your design’s style must be appropriate for viewing.
Similarly, contrast is essential for visibility. For example, yellow type on a light blue background will be unreadable beyond a short distance. Always use contrasting colors that allow your message and your image to be easily recognized and understood.


Foamcore FAQ


Can My Sign Be Printed on Both Sides?

Absolutely, foam-core material is made with the same printable surface on each side. Mr. Signs will gladly apply your design to both surfaces.

Can I Use My Sign Outside?

Foam board is made with paper and styrene foam, neither of which are weatherproof. The elements will quickly degrade this material. As long as the weather is dry, you can use your foam board sign outdoors without issue.

Can I add grommets or holes?

Many foam-core signs are hung from wires overhead. Since this material is made from foam and paper, Mr. Signs recommends using grommets in these applications.

Can I Write on My Sign?

You can write on your sign, but remember, the surface is paper, and your writing may be challenging to remove. If you intend to write on your foam board sign, Mr. Signs can apply a dry-erase coating to make this more convenient.

Can I Get Custom Shapes or Circular Foam Board Signs?

Mr. Signs can create custom shapes, including circles, with your artwork. One of the benefits of using foam board is the ease with which it accepts numerous finishing techniques.

How Long Will My Foamcore Sign Last?

Foamcore is best suited for short-term and indoor applications as it is easily damaged by misuse and frequent handling. Your foam board sign will last the longest when properly displayed and minimally handled. Wear and tear will determine how long your foam board sign will last.

How Do I Clean My Foam Board Sign?

If your foam board sign requires cleaning, wipe it carefully with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using liquids and never use commercial cleaners or abrasives. 

What Sizes Are Available?

Mr. Signs’ foam-core signs range from 8.5 x 11” to 48 x 96”.

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