• Adhesive vinyl adheres to floor
  • Easy to wipe down and sanitize
  • No-slip lamination

This kit includes:

  • 1x 8"x11" Hand Sanitizing decal
  • 1x 8"x11" Cover Your Cough decal
  • 4x 8"x11" Social Distancing decals
  • 6x Round 12" Physical Distancing decals
  • 1x 8"x11" Avoid Physical Contact decal
  • 1x 8"x11" Hand Washing decal
  • 2x 8"x11" Did You Wash Your Hands decals
  • 6x Round 12" Footprint decals
  • 6x 14" Arrow
  • 1x 8"x11" Health Screening decal
  • 1x 8"x11" Employee Review decal
  • 3x 24"x12" Please Stand Behind This Line decals
Complete Safety Decal Kit

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Total : $ 199.00 CAD

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